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Audio and Video Comic Books Models Drawings and Renderings Jeff Wayne Omni Other Books Magazines Unused Miscellaneous

These are things associated with audio or video versions of the book, or documentaries about the book, both completed and unrealized.

A test reel by stop-motion guru Ray Harryhausen, created for a pitch to RKO in 1949.  Pointed out by Andy D.

Great martian war from PLAZMA on Vimeo.

The Learning Channel's documentary on Wells and the novel. Courtesy of Frank Daniel.

Chicago Tribune TV schedule from October, 1988.  Courtesy of Marc Wessels.

Program from the Danish distribution of the film, 1953.

Congress Video Group, 1986. Art by Alex Nino. Courtesy of John Milne.

A selection of phonograph record jackets, from A Critical Edition...

Pre-production drawings for the Harryhausen film. Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

The key art for Pendragon Pictures' upcoming production. Courtesy of Timothy Hines.

Concept picture from Chris Dickinson's hoped-to-be movie of the book. Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

Listener's Choice CD, 1994. Courtesy of Les Treece-Sinclair.

Caedmon Records, 1976, cover by Rick Sternback. Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

Bell Records, art by Wally Wood. Courtesy of Brian Franczak.

Spanish promotional card for the 1953 movie. Courtesy of Joan Rosell.

Poster for the 2005 David Michael Latt/Asylum film and the 2008 follow-up. Courtesy of Simon Johnson.

CD cover.  Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

An image from the TV series, season one.  From Steve Goodrich:  "In an episode called "Dust To Dust", there is a sacred Indian site which is in fact where an old War Machine is buried.  Once the War Machine is activated by the aliens, it emerges from the ground and one of the aliens comments that "It's an older model."  Note it has the classic tripod legs where the energy beams came to be. Also it has no cobra heat ray but rather employs the front sensor lens as the heat ray combining the two. Also, wing tip lenses glowed blue."

DH Audio, 1998.

Blackstone Audiobooks, 2005.  Cover by Kathryn Galloway.  Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

Blackstone Audiobooks, 2005.  Cover by Kathryn Galloway.  Courtesy of Roger Todd.

ISIS Audio Books, 2010.  Courtesy of José Bocic.

German DVD, unknown content.  Courtesy of John Philip Johnson.

Audio and Video Comic Books Models Drawings and Renderings Jeff Wayne Omni Other Books Magazines Unused Miscellaneous

These are covers of comic books that retell the story, borrow the name, or are about the story itself. Comics that tell the orignal H. G. Wells version are included on the main page.

"H. G. Wells the Builder", from VIZ, artist unknown.  Courtesy of Roger Todd.

A sampling of images from Peter Fussey's The Invasion of Earth? graphic novel, which tells the story from the Martian's point of view.  The whole thing is available on Facebook if you want more!

Superman #62, DC Comics, 1950, in which he battles Orson Welles. Courtesy of Madeline Gangnes.

Marvel's Amazing Adventures #18, containing the story of the Martians' return to Earth in 2001. Courtesy of Ramon Schenk.  Danish version courtesy of Mietek Szpirt.

An update of the Killraven story above, from 2002. The changes are pretty interesting: much bigger muscles, an outfit that's more bondage than superhero... Courtesy of Jim Keefe.

Three panels from Dell Comics #866, 1957.  This was a comic book companion to Disney's "Mars and Beyond" TV show, broadcast to tie in with the opening of Tomorrowland.  Courtesy of  Steve Goodrich.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, America's Best Comics, 2002. Art by Kevin O'Neill.

DC Comics, 1998. Courtesy of Jacques Garin.
And from Brazil, courtesy of Wenceslau Teixeira.

Eternity Comics, 1990, cover by Ian McCaig. Courtesy of Tom Luthman and Simon Johnson.

Images from Lee Krystek's eComic adaptation at The Museum of Unnatural Mystery.

Graphic Classics, from Eureka Productions. The cover image is the same as the unused 1982 Pocket Books edition by Vincent DiFate. The image on the right is from the included story about the 1938 radio broadcast, by Nick Miller and Antonella Caputo. Courtesy of Francois Beaulieu.

Caliber Comics and Arrow Comics. A continuation of the original story by Randy Zimmerman and Horus. The Caliber cover is by Gene Gonzales from 1996. The second Arrow cover is by Scott Rosema from 2002, courtesy of Les Treece-Sinclair.

Eternity Comics, 1988 and Malibu Graphics, 1990, covers by Brooks Hagan. "A complete retelling of the story, with major changes. Here the aliens are actually underground dwellers known a the Aarach, a definitely humanoid race," according to this War of the Worlds page. Courtesy of Ramon Schenk.

Scarlet Traces, Dark Horse Comics, 2003 & 2007. Art by D'Israeli. The book concerns the Victorians assimilation and use of the Martian technology, interwoven with the circumstances surrounding a surviving alien. Courtesy of Brian Franczak.

One-page WOTW parody, by Nicola Cuti, Heavy Metal, 1983.  Courtesy of Brian Franczak.

Audio and Video Comic Books Models Drawings and Renderings Jeff Wayne Omni Other Books Magazines Unused Miscellaneous

These are models of Martians and their vehicles. Some of these are commercially available, others home jobs by fans.

Tripod Custom LEGO Kit, by Ichiban Toys.  Courtesy of Brian Franczak.

An unbelievably cool UFO burl carving by Steven Lalioff.  More images in Steven's blog.

Lego tripod from The White Mountains, by Henry Poskanzer

43 cm tall, made from scrap materials.  By Marc Brassé.

Lego Alien Conquest Tripod Invader, Model 7051.  Courtesy of Alex O'Donnell.

A little tiny model from Skyhook, courtesy of  Steve Goodrich.

From Reviresco, courtesy of Alex Michael Bonnici.

A Pegasus Models design, courtesy of  Steve Goodrich.

Two models sculpted by Steve Goodrich for Lunar Models, courtesy of Steve Goodrich.

Lunar Models, 1990, courtesy of  Steve Goodrich.

By Stefan Clifford.

By Jim Keefe.

Frank Daniel's recreation of the 1955 Classics Illustrated cover using models and photoshop.  And also in Lego, from BrickCon 2010, courtesy of kids.woot!:

By Giovanni Seynhaeve.

By Lawrence Bailey.

A model of the 1955 Classics Illustrated design, built from scratch by Mike Maynard.

Roger and Martyn Dean's design, built by Ed Buckley, courtesy of Roger Todd.

By Pat Flannery, courtesy of Roger Todd.

A potato?  Courtesy of Simon Johnson.

Courtesy of Jim Hudson.

LEGO model design, by Einar Jóhannesson.

By Monolith Designs, courtesy of Rodrigo Vergueiro.

A Bandai kit of a "Dark Nebula Tripod Tank" from the animated "Starblazers" series. Courtesy of Frank Daniel.

By Paroom Station, courtesy of Rodrigo Vergueiro.

By Chris York, courtesy of Roger Todd.

Pictures of models for the aborted photo-novel by Martin J Bower. Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

A Martian tripod model and the box it came in. Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

A three-legged tank model from "Spaceship Yamato". Courtesy of Jacques Garin.

A model of the Frank R. Paul tripod. Courtesy of Frank Daniel.

A model by Jean-Marc Deschamps based on the E. P. Jacobs design. Courtesy of Roger Todd.

Audio and Video Comic Books Models Drawings and Renderings Jeff Wayne Omni Other Books Magazines Unused Miscellaneous

These are drawings and computer renderings submitted by fans.

A cartoon of an alien by H. G. Wells himself, sketched in a copy of the book owned by Ralph Straus. Reprinted in the 1977 Oxford University Press edition. Courtesy of Rick Pearson.

Poster by Kevin Tong, 2012.  Courtesy of Ed Miller.

Original artwork by Dean Motter, 2006.  Courtesy of Dean Motter.

A take-off on on Classics Illustrated by Dean Motter for Doris Danger Seeks.  Courtesy of Dean Motter.

Oil on wooden board, 2005.  By Marc Brassé.

A set of four drawings by Oliver Cook.  Courtesy of Oliver Cook.

Sketch from Steve Dismukes' WOTW role-playing game. Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

By Charlie Adlard. Courtesy of Roger Todd.

By Christopher Bennett.

By James Cole.

By Ross Harris. Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

By Zachariah Wright.

A rendering of the
Thunderchild by Jeremy Corke.

Matte painting by Meinert Hansen, who has a lot more art at his website.

A rendering of Roger Dean's Martian, by Ash Davis.

Illustration by Mark Dowman, who has more at his web site.

By Brendan Williamson.  Courtesy of Jonathan Smith.

From Parroom Station. Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

Illustration by Morgan Bonthoux, 2003, from Action! Classics The War of the Worlds Source Book, an RPG including the full text of the novel. Courtesy of Valdivielso.

A drawing of a Martian fighting machine by Rick Pearson.

By Dan Gregory. Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

By Gavin Fitzgerald.

By Michael S. Christopher. Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

Courtesy of Jef Wood.

By glazy.

Four images by TroC, who has an amazing gallery at Renderosity.

Unpublished cover art for a DVD release of the 1953 move, by James Nelms.

By Lee Gibbons, from Arcane, issue 19, May 1997, courtesy of Roger Todd.

By Peter Fussey.

By Les Edwards, courtesy of Roger Todd.

By noel.

By Richard Daborn.

Three animations exploring the tripod gait, by Peter Balch. Click to see larger animations and a detailed explanation. Peter's done a lot of work on this, including the small program used to generate these animations. Contact him if you're interestd in more information.

Three excellent drawings by J. Williams and his son Joshua.

By Juan Molinet

By Andy D
By Thomas Vreeke, who has an awesome collection of tripod drawings on Facebook.

By Tom Bland.

By Jaime Jones.

By Ian Andrew.

In the style of a Russian woodcut, by Andrey Kuznetsov.

By Bruce Bond, from The Heritage Comics Signature Auction catalog #817.
This image is also used as the background of the unused Classics Illustracted edition below.
Courtesy of Brian Franczak.

"Train Attack", by TJFrame.  Courtesy of W. J. Schneider.

By Cote Zellers.

By Simon Johnson.

By Alan White.

Audio and Video Comic Books Models Drawings and Renderings Jeff Wayne Omni Other Books Magazines Unused Miscellaneous

A selection of things associated with Jeff Wayne's musical version of the book.
Art from the LP and CD cover and booklet.

Courtesy of Benoit Thomas.

Courtesy of Jonathan Smith.

Courtesy of Alex O'Donnell.

Courtesy of Alex O'Donnell.

Courtesy of Alex O'Donnell.

A Nokia 3210 phone cover! Courtesy of Jonathan Smith.

Illustration by Micheal Trim. Courtesy of Jonathan Smith.

A paper model of the tripod, designed and constructed by Erwin de Jong. Courtesy of Paul Dunlop.

A model from Comet Miniatures of London. Courtesy of Frank Daniel.

Courtesy of Jonathan Smith.

A production model from the P.C. Game. Courtesy of Bill Schneider.

Illustration by Micheal Trim. Courtesy of Jonathan Smith.

Models made by Comet Miniatures of London. Courtesy of Jonathan Smith.

The 7" picture disc. Courtesy of Jonathan Smith.

A Gibson Thunderbird bass by Ronz of the band Fubar.

From Galaxy Publication's official poster magazine, 1978, by Peter Elson.  Courtesy of Peter Fussey.
Audio and Video Comic Books Models Drawings and Renderings Jeff Wayne Omni Other Books Magazines Unused Miscellaneous

These are images from Omni Magazine, August 1985. From the accompanying text:
"The Martian invasion of Earth is rendered anew in images ever faithful to H. G. Well's Victorian vision of the WOTW. British designers Roger Dean and Martyn Dean collaborated with artists Tim White and Richard Clifton-Dey to produce these illustrations for a new edition of War of the Worlds.
At least one of these images has previously been reported as having been commissioned for, but unused by, the Jeff Wayne musical.

All images courtesy of Les Treece-Sinclair.

Audio and Video Comic Books Models Drawings and Renderings Jeff Wayne Omni Other Books Magazines Unused Miscellaneous

Sequels, spin-offs, non-fiction, and unusual references.

Garrett P. Serviss' Science Fiction: Three Interplanetary Adventures Including the Unnauthorised Sequel to H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds-Edison's Conquest of Mars, a Columbus of Space, the Moon Metal, by Garrett P. Serviss, Leonaur Ltd, 2007.  Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

La Guerre Des Mondes n'aura pas lieu!, by Johan Heliot, MANGO, 2010.  Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

Invasion! War of Two Worlds, by Robert Reginald, Borgo Press, 2011.  Courtesy of Simon Johnson.

The War of the Worlds: AFTERMATH, by Tony Wright, Wild Wolf Publishing, 2010.  Courtesy of Peter C. Fussey.

Study guide, Saddleback Educational Publishing, 2003.  Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

The War Of The Worlds Plus Blood, Guts and Zombies, by H. G. Wells and Eric S. Brown, Coscom Entertainment, 2009.

Waging The War of the Worlds:  A History of the 1938 Radio Broadcast and Resulting Panic, by John Gosling, McFarland, 2009.  Courtesy of John Gosling.

The War of the Worlds: Aftermath, by Tony Wright, Nerfherder Publishing, 2008.  Courtesy of Simon Johnson.

War of the Worlds:  From Wells to Spielberg, by John L. Flynn, Galactic Books, 2005.  Courtesy of Brian Franczak.

Sherlock Holmes's War of The Worlds, by Manly Wade Wellman and Wade Wellman, Warner Books, 1975, cover by F. Accanero.. Courtesy of Tom Luthman.

H. G. Wells on Film:  The Utopian Nightmare, by Don G. Smith,  McFarland & Company, 2002.  Courtesy of Brian Franczak.

War of the Worlds: New Millennium, by Douglas Niles. Cover by Julie Bell, 2005. Courtesy of Valdivielso.

Flaming London, by Joe R. Lansdale, Subterranean Press, 2006.  Courtesy of Mr S Johnson.

Global Dispatches, a collection of stories surrounding the invasion. Bantam Spectra, 1996, cover by Roger Dean. Courtesy of John Milne.

W.G. Grace's Last Case, by William Rushton, Methuen, 1984. Courtesy of Roger Todd.  Interior illustration courtesy of John Gosling.

Shooting script for the 2005 movie, by Josh Friedman and David Koepp. Courtesy of Susan Evans at This Old Paper.

Mega War, by David Cian, Ibooks, 2005.  Courtesy of Gerry Manacsa.

The Panic Broadcast, by Howard Koch, Avon, 1970. Courtesy of John Milne.

The cover and an interior illustration of The Second War of the Worlds, by George H. Smith. Daw Books, 1976, art by Jack Gaughan. Courtesy of John Milne and Jonathan Smith.

Book by Frank McConnell. Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

French edition of Otherland 3, by Tad Williams. Cover by Manchu. Courtesy of Jacques Garin.

La Verdadera Guerra de Los Mundos, by João Barreiros. Cover by Alejandro Terán. Courtesy of Rodrigo Vergueiro.

The Space Machine, by Christopher Priest. Cover by Paul Slater, 1981. Courtesy of Valdivielso.

The Martian War, by Gabriel Mesta. Cover by Bob Eggleton, 2005. Courtesy of Brian Franczak.

Invasion From Mars: A Study In The Psychology Of Panic, by Hadley Cantril, Princeton University Press, 2005. Courtesy of Les Treece-Sinclair.

The Tripods trilogy, by John Christopher. Courtesy of Brian Miller.

Science Fiction Stories, chosen by Edward Blishen, Kingfisher, 1993. Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

La Cage de Londres, by Jean-Pierre Guillet, ALire, 2003. Cover illustration by Jacques Lamontagne. Courtesy of Francois Beaulieu.
Audio and Video Comic Books Models Drawings and Renderings Jeff Wayne Omni Other Books Magazines Unused Miscellaneous

Magazines, journals, and pulp.

Unknown magazine back cover, unkown artist.  Courtesy of Roger Todd.

Two covers of The Cosmopolitan magazine, containing The War of the Worlds, July & September, 1897.  Courtesy of John Squires.

Vidas Ilustres #189, 1968, published by Editorial Novaro, Mexico. Courtesy of Les Treece-Sinclair.

Painting for the cover of Chiller Theatre #22, by Daniel Horne.  Courtesy of Dr. Marc A. Wessels.

Mexican pulp magazine from 1951. Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

Cosmopolitan,1908, containing the H. G. Wells
article "The Things That Live on Mars".  Illustration by William R. Leigh.  Courtesy of Sonia Krenitsky.

Woking History Journal, 1990. Courtesy of Jonathan Smith, with permission by Iain Wakeford.

The caption and an advertisement from the Boston newspaper reprint of The War of the Worlds, 1897.  This version was substantially changed and took place in and around Boston.  Courtesy of John Squires.

Urania #15, Mondadori, 1953.  Contains La Guerra dei Mondi.  Courtesy of Kees de Kievid.

Fantascene #1, Cinema Vista Productions, 1975. Cover by Tom Roy. Courtesy of Les Treece-Sinclair.

Corriere dello Spazio # 14, Società Iniziative Editoriali ed Aeronautiche, 1960.  Cover by Pagardesi.  Courtesy of Kees de Kievid.
Audio and Video Comic Books Models Drawings and Renderings Jeff Wayne Omni Other Books Magazines Unused Miscellaneous

Artwork for unpublished editions.

The original artwork behind the 1976 Gallimard edition, by Enki Bilal, Heavy Metal, 1983.  Courtesy of Brian Franczak.

Pocket Books, 1982, by Vincent Di Fate.  Courtesy of Vincent Di Fate.

Two proposed covers for a 1991 Classics Illustrated edition.
The left one is by Bruce Bond and is also represented in the the Drawings section above.  Courtesy of John Haufe.

Audio and Video Comic Books Models Drawings and Renderings Jeff Wayne Omni Other Books Magazines Unused Miscellaneous

These are miscellaneous other images.

A poster promoting the 1906 L. Vandamme Edition, by Alvim Corréa. Courtesy of Sebo Fino Livraria Antiquaria.

A poster of the Martian fighting machine by Rodney Matthews, courtesy of Bill Schneider, and the jigsaw puzzle of that poster. The puzzle packaging is made to resemble a hardback book.

The sandpit on Horsell Common, where the Martians landed. Courtesy of Brian Bickle.

A back massager.  Courtesy of Marc Brassé.

A picture of the sculpture in Woking, courtesy of Brian Bickle. The sculpture is by Michael Condron, who's website has lots more pictures of it, plus the Crashed Pod and Bacteria Slabs.

Original US advertisement for the 1898 Harper & Brothers edition.
Courtesy of Jonathan Smith.

Coloring book, Dover Publications, 2005. Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

Task Force Games, 1980. Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

Sticker book, Dover Publications, 2005. Courtesy of Johan Groenewold.

Postcard by Richard Shaefer. Courtesy of Rob Esveldt.

Ersatz Doc Savage cover, from the Monsterverse.  Courtesy of Sonia Krenitsky.

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